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Boost your Age Pension and unlock a better life

With the Australian Government's Pension Loans Scheme (PLS)

The best part is, any additional payments you get via the PLS, won't reduce your existing age pension entitlements.

Try our PLS calculator to see how much you could boost your Age Pension by each fortnight


More Pension

Receive up to 150% of the maximum rate Age Pension

Keep Your Home

Avoid having to sell your home to survive

Specialist Support

Our friendly team are here to help

Case Studies

Kevin & Patricia

Couple, full Age Pensioner

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Single, full Age Pensioner

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Channel 9 news feature on the Pension Loans Scheme

The PLS is offered by the Australian Government allowing seniors to boost their Age Pension by unlocking the equity from their property.


You get paid fortnightly by the Australian Government


Your mortgage increases by the payment amount + interest


You only need to pay the Australian Government back when you move out of your house or sell it

Pension Boost are specialists in the PLS

You'll be provided one contact who will:

Look after the Centrelink application for you

Be your guide throughout the whole process

Regularly review and optimise your PLS

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